O'select offers the best cleaning products for your pets: cat litter, dog training mats and shampoos. Offered online and in store.
O'select For clean, beautiful pets

O’select® has been a proud member of the Mondou family for many years. Whether it is for litters, cleanliness training pads or shampoos, O’select® is the expert brand for everything you need to keep your little furry friends clean. Find the product you need in one of the three O’select® categories: Original, Premium or Nature.

O’select Original: Quality in Everyday Life

Quality in Everyday Life

Sharing a home with one or more pets also means taking care of them every day. That’s why O’select® Original has developed a line of cleanliness and hygiene products that adequately meets all their needs, at the best value in its category.

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O’select Premium: Performance Without Compromise

Performance Without Compromise

With the O’select® Premium product line, taking care of your companion’s hygiene and cleanliness has never been so pleasant. The products in this line offer superior performance, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time cuddling your beloved companion. One try and you will be convinced of their added value.

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O’select Nature: Naturally Efficient

Naturally Efficient

Taking care of your pet and the planet at the same time is possible with the O’select® Nature line. Ecoresponsibility is at the core of this category. Discover products with ecofriendly properties: reusable, biodegradable, natural ingredients, recycled and/or recyclable packaging, reduced carbon footprint, etc

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O’select Ultra Performance Litter

Ultra Performance Litter

This premium quality clumping clay litter has a special compound added to prevent ammonia formation which guarantees 50 days odour control*. The fine granules in this formula form ultra-strong agglomerations that are easy to remove and firmly trap odours. This litter is one of the most dust-free on the market.

* Results may vary and are based on regular litter box maintenance.

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Carbon Activated Training Pads O’select

Carbon Activated Training Pads

With the O’select® Premium activated carbon training pads provide enhanced odour control and always remain aesthetic, even when soiled. Their ultra-absorbent polymer layer contains a powerful deodorizer and ensures rapid liquid absorption. In addition, two bamboo-activated carbon liners have been added for optimal odour controL.

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Silica Litter O’select

Silica Litter

Effective for several weeks, silica crystal litter is non-clumping and has an excellent liquid absorption capacity. Its long-lasting 30-day effectiveness efficiently neutralizes odours and requires less maintenance than clumping litter. O’select® Premium Silica Crystals litter is much lighter than a traditional clay litter and is practically dust-free.

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Lightweight Clumping Clay O’select Litter

Lightweight Clumping Clay Litter

O’select ® Original lightweight clumping clay litter is up to 50% lighter than regular clay litter, but just as effective! This litter is an ideal choice for people who don’t want to carry heavy loads. This 4.5 kg box contains approximately the same volume as 9 kg of regular clay product.

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Corn Litter O’select

Corn Litter

Proudly made in Quebec, 100% biodegradable and natural, O’select® corn litter offers an ecofriendly option for your pet’s litter box. Made with naturally dried and finely ground corn cobs, this formula quickly absorbs urine which contributes to odour control and produces clumps that are easy to remove.

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O’select Care Products

Care Products

O’select® offers a wide variety of shampoos for dogs and cats. No matter what you are looking for (dry shampoo, shed control, sensitive skin, natural shampoo, etc.), you will find the right product for you. Also check out our moisturizing balms to help relieve the dryness of your dog’s muzzle and paws, practical in both summer and winter!

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30 results