Osbone Family

Osbone Family has treats to suit every taste. What better way to treat your dog than by giving him a chew bone that will meet his needs.
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A treat for all tastes

The Osbone collection offers our doggies treats that meet all tastes. What could be better than giving your dog a chew bone that will meet his needs. Find the Osbone family exclusively at Mondou.


Dogs buccal health can prevent various problems that can be damaging in the long term for the animals such as heart problems. Masticatory activity not only helps reduce the energy level, but it is also necessary for the maintenance of good buccal health. The mechanical movement of the chewing, the shape and the size of the treat help keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

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Why the Osbone family?

Jack Osbone
Ginger Osbone
Dr. Osbone

Oral health support

Helps reduce anxiety by the chewing activity

High quality control of the ingredients

Long lasting chewing activity

Avoid boredom and destructive behaviour

Wide flavour variety

Natural alternative

Easy digestion

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43 results