Vetdiet offers high-quality natural products for dogs and cats for a long and healthy life. Available exclusively at Mondou!
Vetdiet: Knowledge fueled by nature

At Vetdiet®, we believe that providing the most suitable food for your pet at each stage of its life can make all the difference. We adhere to a nutritional philosophy that guides the design of each of our products. This philosophy revolves around recognized expertise and three fundamental pillars: a healthy life for your pet, thoughtful design, and authentic benefits.

All Vetdiet® dry food recipes contain chicken, lamb, duck, or fresh fish as the first ingredient. What’s more, added antioxidants and functional ingredients contributes to enhancing the immune system and promoting a long and healthy life for your pet. All formulas are 0% wheat, corn and soy, and meet the nutritional needs of pet, offering visible benefits such as healthy skin and coat, optimal digestion and energy balance.

129 results
129 results