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Nail-Trimming service

We offer a professional nail-trimming service for cats and dogs. Dedicated specialists have undergone advanced training at our Mondou Academy and have mastered the proper trimming techniques. Your pet will be in good hands!

Are you at the store with your pet to do some shopping? Don't hesitate to ask if the service is available, even if you don't have an appointment. If one of our trained specialists is available and the station is not in use, we will be happy to trim your pet's nails.

Duration: 15 minutes

Cost: $10 for non-member clients and Cuddle Club members with Loyal level*.

The service is free for Cuddle Club members with Passionate and Chouchou levels.

*Cuddle Club members at the Loyal level can pay with their Cuddle points.

Loyalty has many benefits! Become a Cuddle Club member now!

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