Activated Carbon Training Pads, 50 un.


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  • 5 layers of protection
  • Maintains its look even when soiled
  • Treated with pheromones to attract dogs
  • Ultra-absorbent gel
  • Leakproof

O'Select® Premium activated carbon training pads are made up of 5 protective layers:

  1. Nonwoven: Treated with pheromones to attract dogs and facilitate house training
  2. Charcoal liner: Odour control with bamboo activated carbon technology
  3. Pulp and superabsorbent polymer: Minimal tracking and deodorizer for odour control
  4. Charcoal liner: Second charcoal liner for optimal odour control
  5. Polyethylene film: Leakproof to protect floors

Training pads are perfect for house training puppies and small dogs. The pads can also be used with incontinent or ill dogs, on particularly cold or rainy days, on long car rides or in pet carriers or cages.

Perfect with the O'select® training tray

50 units


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  • SKU 1034436
  • Weight 1.570 KG
  • Packaging Height 17.500 CM
  • Packaging Width 25.000 CM
  • Packaging Length 20.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country China