Washable training pad, lines


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Ultra absorbent
Superior odour control
Size: 63, 5 x 71 cm (25 x 28 po)

O’select washable and reusable training pads are perfect for house training puppies and adult dogs. They can be used for long car rides or inside pet carriers or cages.
The training pads are treated with an antibacterial and antifungal additive that helps reduce the number of microorganisms, for long-lasting odour control.
These pads can absorb up to 4 times their weight in liquid and are highly durable.


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  • SKU 1035899
  • Weight 0.460 KG
  • Packaging Height 24.130 CM
  • Packaging Width 48.260 CM
  • Packaging Length 47.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Canada