Small animal and rodent accessories and cages

Mondou offers rodents and small animals accessories and cages with a wide selection of some of the best products available now online. To keep you and your hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, or other small animal happy, we carry numerous options.

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Rodent corner litter pan
Habitrail Retreat hamster habitat
Habitrail OVO Suite hamster habitat
Habitrail OVO Suite dwarf hamster habitat
Violet carrier for small pets
Harness and Lead Set For Guinea Pigs - Red
Hamster Adjustable Collar and Lead Set - Red
Kiwi stick chew toy for rodents
Harness and Lead Set for small animal
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Ferret hammock, 35 x 35cm
Ferret hammock, 41 x 41cm
Ferret play tube, 39 cm x 17.5cm
Red carrier for small pets
Coral couloured carrier for small pets
Carrot corn husk chew toy for rodents
Willow chew stick for rodents
Glass drinking tube for rodents