Filter foam for Drinkwell 360 stainless fountains "Avalon", "Sedona" and "Pagoda" pet fountains


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This filter foam helps collect debris, food and sediment. It also helps reduce bad tastes and odours and absorbs impurities, for pure, safe water at all times for your animal!

Suitable for these drinking troughs:
- 360 Stainless steel
- Ceramic Avalon
- Red ceramic Avalon
- White ceramic Pagoda
- Red ceramic Pagoda
- Beige ceramic Pagoda
- Quiet Sedona

- 7.5 litre pet fountain

This pack contains 2 filters.


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For use with Drinkwell® 360 stainless fountains and ceramic fountains


  • SKU 1018016
  • Weight 0.025 KG
  • Packaging Height 6.250 CM
  • Packaging Width 12.980 CM
  • Packaging Length 8.750 CM
  • Manufacturing Country China