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Rawhide mini knotted bone with chicken
Rawhide chips with chicken
Rawhide chips
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Rawhide pressed bone, 110g
Rawhide pressed bone, 140g
Rawhide pressed bone, 600g
Rawhide medium knotted bone, 480g
Rawhide large knotted bone, 440g
Rawhide giant knotted bone, 250g
Rawhide extra giant knotted bone, 500g
Rawhide small rolled bone, 190g
Rawhide large retreiver rolled bone, 500g
Rawhide pressed stick, 340g
Rawhide pressed stick, 500g
Rawhide shoes bone, 50g
Rawhide small pressed bone, 250g
Rawhide medium pressed bone, 650g