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Mondou offers attractive wild bird feeders with a wide selection of some of the best feeder products available now online.
Frustrated by squirrels eating your bird food? We carry squirrel-proof bird feeders as well.

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Unique cardinal feeder
"Squirrel-Be-Gone" feeder
Lantern shaped wild bird feeder
Red vintage hummingbird feeder
Metallic thistle feeder with a solar light
Sunflower Seed and Peanut Wild Bird Feeder
Log cabin birdfeeder
Feeder filler scoop
White cottage birdfeeder
Red and white shoreline lighthouse birdfeeder
Universal bird feeder pole
Transparent squirrel baffler
Red garden house birdfeeder
Green barn birdfeeder
Large red barn feeder
Mini-snack & suet basket feeder
Woodpecker suet plug feeder