How to take care of your cat's nails?

You love your cat, but you also like your living room furniture, right? To avoid any damage without preventing your cat from following their instinct, you should trim the tips of their nails.

If you are hesitant to cut your pet’s nails yourself, or need a demonstration, you can take advantage of the nail-trimming services provided free of charge by the professionals in most of our stores. But if you want to go ahead, here’s how:

 6 steps for clipping your cat’s claws

1. Get your cat accustomed to care time from a young age (2-3 months). Choose a quieter time of day, without too much action around the house, and make sure you are relaxed yourself.

Cat having his claws clipped

2. Start by stroking your pet’s paws and claws, without doing any cutting. This step will allow your pet to get used to having their paws in your hands without being scared.

3. Get a nail clipper that is suitable for cats. Begin trimming the nails slowly, starting with the front paws. Make sure not to cut too close to the nerve inside the claw.

4. Set a realistic objective. It is preferable to start without having the goal of doing all four paws. Respect your cat’s pace and continue at another time if they become impatient. It is important not to force your pet, as bad experiences may lead to more difficult nail trims in adulthood.

5. While cutting their claws, encourage your pet by using a reassuring voice when they are calm and react well to being handled. Again, reward them often.

6. At the end of the session, give them their favourite treat and congratulate them!

When should you trim your cat’s claws?

The trimming frequency depends on your pet’s activity level; on average, a cut every 4 to 6 weeks would be advisable. This way, it will be a lot easier to keep the claws short and thus reduce the risk of discomfort, injury or damage in the home.

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