5 meal automatic feeder


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Ideal for dogs and cats, this 5 meal battery-powered food dispenser offers your pet a meal, rewards or medication at a time of your choice. The easy-to-use LCD screen and dishwasher-safe tray make it easy to set meal times and wash dishes after use. Each section can contain up to 230g of dry food It is also easy to control portion sizes for overweight animals. You can schedule 5 small meals a day for your pet or plan his meals for the next 5 days if you have to be away. It's the right dispenser for your pet so that it always eats at the same time and is not hungry anymore!


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  • SKU 1021882
  • Weight 3.950 KG
  • Packaging Height 21.750 CM
  • Packaging Width 39.370 CM
  • Packaging Length 10.800 CM
  • Manufacturing Country China