Ster-San concentrated 115:1 Disinfectant and Deodorizer, 4L


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The Loona Ster-San virucide, bactericide, fungicide, sanitizer and anti-mold is a quaternary solution with a very pleasant smell. It is designed for places where disinfection is of prime importance,  and where it is important to eliminate bacterial and viral infections transported by animals during their visit. 


  • Made to disinfect hard surfaces, floors, sinks, small utensils, baths, tables, chairs, cages, bins and others.
  • Ideal for veterinary clinics, grooming salons, dog boarding kennels, pet shops, stables and breeders.
  • Safe for animals and humans
  • Nontoxic
  • Without volatile organic compound (vocs)
  • Water-based
  • Packaged in reusable bottles

Certified effective against:

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Adenovirus type 5
  • Ringworm
  • Kennel cough


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How to use it:
Dilution rates with water: 32,5ml/4l of water (1,1oz/135oz of water)

Clean before with loona xtreme cleaner and/or loona floor solution.
Apply disinfectant using a sprayer, cloth, mop.
Leave surfaces wet for 10 minutes, then remove excess liquid
Allow to dry before animals are in contact with the surface being cleaned. No rinse.


  • SKU 1029335
  • Weight 4.210 KG
  • Packaging Height 15.000 CM
  • Packaging Width 31.000 CM
  • Packaging Length 15.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Canada