PoochPant male dog wrap


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PoochPants Male Diaper Wraps are an innovative dog diaper that combines the absorbency and odor controlling properties of PoochPads into a comfortable and easily managed diaper construction. Male Diaper Wraps require no inserts and are completely washable and reusable (Guaranteed for 300 washes!). PoochPants keep your "leaky" male pooch bone-dry and protects their skin. They are perfect for countering regular territory marking or territory marking following surgery and urination by excitation. This adjustable and reusable restrictive band is eco-friendly. This product is available in small, medium, large and extra large formats. Please refer to the "guide and resources" section to choose the right size for your pet.


Guides & Resources

Circumference range:

Small: 30,48 to 38,1 cm

Medium: 40,64 to 55,88 cm

Large: 58,42 to 71,12 cm

X. Large: 71,12 to 88,90 cm


  • SKU 1021803
  • Weight 0.220 KG
  • Packaging Height 8.890 CM
  • Packaging Width 5.080 CM
  • Packaging Length 19.050 CM
  • Manufacturing Country USA

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