Pet natural food supplement, 500ml


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This natural food supplement for dogs, cats and horses is made of a unique blend of cold-pressed oils (walnut oil, wheat germ oil and flaxseed oil) enriched with Omega 3-6 fatty acids. These oils locally and quickly act on the skin from the inside.This product is specially useful for animals whose coats is in a poor general condition. Effects are visible as early as 3-4 days into feeding.

This supplement is efficient for :
- treating dry or irritated skin and constant itching
- restoring pigment and luster to the coat
- shortening moulting and growing time
- preventing persistent hair loss and breakage

This product contains 500ml. It is also available in 100ml and 250ml formats.


Lecithin,oleic,polysorbate80,linolenic,palmitic,stearic,arachidic,glyceride,wheat germ oil,linseed oïl Each 100 ml contains : Vitamin A : 20000 Vitamin D3 : 20000 Vitamine E : 100

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Daily dose :
Cats and small dogs : 1 to 2 ml
Medium dogs : 3 to 5 ml
Large dogs : 5 to 10 ml
Horses : 10 to 15 ml


  • SKU 1005327
  • Weight 0.480 KG
  • Packaging Height 7.500 CM
  • Packaging Width 16.000 CM
  • Packaging Length 10.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Belgique

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