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The 100% natural, easy and convenient solution to pet urine burn marks on your grass.

Dog Rocks is a natural and safe product allowing you to protect your grass from burns created by your dog's urine.
These laboratory tested paramagnetic rocks makesyour pet's water cleaner by filtering impurities such as ammonia, tin and nitrates without changing the water nor the urine pH level. As a result, a healthy lawn without burn patches.

Simply put them in your dog's water bowl - and that's it.


Igneous Rock from a particular area of Australia

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Rinse the rocks before use. One 200g pack is good in one 2L drinking bowl for two months. Use the included date reminder sticker to make sure you replace them on time. Always make sure your dog has access to one clean water source every time.


  • SKU 1024970
  • Weight 0.200 KG
  • Packaging Height 8.500 CM
  • Packaging Width 23.000 CM
  • Packaging Length 5.100 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Australie