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This cold pressed hemp seed oil is a rich source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for your dog or cat. This natural anti-inflammatory strenghtens the immune system, improves the shine of the skin and coat while reducing the shedding.

Hemp Seed Oil has a slight nutty taste and a green colour due a result of the high level of chlorophyll which is naturally present in the seeds.  

500 ml


Cold pressed, 100% Canadian hemp seed oïl

One tsp (5ml) of hemp seed oil provides:
• 2660 mg Omega 6
• 833 mg Omega 3

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Add daily to pet’s meals for maximum benefit. (5ml per every 11,3kg/25lbs of body weight per day)

Safe for dogs and cats of all life stages including puppies, kittens and pregnant and lactating animals. 

For maximum freshness, opened hemp products and ingredients should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sun light. We recommend refrigeration once opened to protect omégas.


  • SKU 1028653
  • Weight 0.500 KG
  • Packaging Height 6.250 CM
  • Packaging Width 19.800 CM
  • Packaging Length 6.250 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Canada

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