Exotic fruits treats for parakeet, 140g


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These exotic fruits sticks can be hung in different positions in your budgie's cage. These sticks are a welcome variation on the daily feed routine. They counter boredom and improve the well-being of your birds. They are oven-baked and in a pack that guarantees the crunchy texture and freshness of this quality product. It is an ideal treat for your large parakeets, cockatiels or lovebirds.

This package contains 2 sticks of 70g each.

This product is also available in a nut and honey flavor.




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Provide freely as an addition to the main feed.


  • SKU 1015478
  • Weight 0.140 KG
  • Packaging Height 4.000 CM
  • Packaging Width 26.500 CM
  • Packaging Length 8.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Hongrie

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