Concentrated floor solution, 4L

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Loona floor solution is great for every cleaning job on floors, walls, woodwork, leather, hoods, concrete and any hard surfaces. Also effective against salt/calcium stains.

- Made for: pet stores, veterinary clinics, breeders, grooming salons and at home.
- Safe for animals and humans
- Nontoxic
- Biodegradable within 28 days, with Ecologo
- Without Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs)
- Water-based
- Packaged in reusable bottles
- Made exclusively from plant-based ingredients


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Clean the soiled area with a cloth or mop removing all visible soil, allow to dry.

Dilution with water:                
Daily or weekly use: 1:80 (2 oz./gallon)                
Heavy Duty Cleaning: increase the concentration up to 1:20 (7oz./gallon)  


  • SKU 1029331
  • Weight 4.150 KG
  • Packaging Height 15.000 CM
  • Packaging Width 31.000 CM
  • Packaging Length 15.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Canada