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Diatomaceous earth, a litter like no other.

Diatomaceous earth has a drying, anti-odour and anti-insect or anti-mite effect by simple contact without any chemical effect. It contains 11 oligo-elements and minerals but is mainly composed of silicon dioxide up to 65%.

- 100% natural
- 100% bio-compatible: compostable in the city's compost bin;
- Absorbent, non-agglomerating;
- A 5 litre container guarantees a 4-week odourless period.
- Diatomaceous earth dust will repel bugs
- Litter suitable for cats, rodents, reptiles, birds and city hens;
- For hens, the litter can be spread over the entire floor of the henhouse to have, in addition, a protective role against insects.


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  • SKU 1035239
  • Weight 1.900 KG
  • Packaging Height 22.000 CM
  • Packaging Width 19.000 CM
  • Packaging Length 22.000 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Argentine