Buco+ pre and probiotics against bad breath

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Say goodbye to bad breath in just 10 days!

5 100% natural ingredients: egg yolk, prebiotics, probiotics, coconut oil powder, chlorella.

5 effective and synergistic modes of action:
1. Prevent the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad breath*.
2. Cleansing effect
3. Deodorant effect
4. Antiseptic effect
5. Antioxidant effect
*Neutralizes insoluble glucans, a glue produced by S. mutans bacteria that allow bad bacteria to adhere to teeth, causing bad breath in dogs and cats.

buco+ 10 days is a product:
- very fast acting
- natural, safe and without aftertaste
- easy to use


Pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic  fiber
Ovo protein (egg yolk)
FRT BSN1-strain Bacillus subtilis
Coconut oil powder

Guides & Resources

Mix 1 pouch per day, for a period of 10 day, with your pet's total daily food ration.

IMPORTANT: The contents of the pouch have to be evenly mixed with the animal's total daily food, as it needs to be ingested with every bite.

Store it in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Can be used with other baci+ products for cats and dogs

For dogs and cats 6 months and older


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