Thermo-Perch bird perch


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The patented Thermo-Perch helps protect your exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts.  

Thermostatically controlled, Thermo-Perch provides a safe, consistent source of warmth, stabilizing the bird's environment.  Made of sturdy scratch and bite resistant plastic, Thermo-Perch attaches easily to wire cages. Its irregular shape reduces foot cramps and pressure sores, providing orthopedic benefits.


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- Small : 10,5" x 1" x 1" with 6,5 ft. cord
- Medium : 13" x 1,25" x 1,25" with 6,5 ft. cord
- Large : 14,5" x 2" x 2" with 6,5 ft. cord

- Small : 5 watts
- Medium : 6 watts
- Large : 10 watts

One year warranty

The Thermo-Perch may be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel. DO NOT immerse in water. If disinfecting is required, lightly mist the Thermo-Perch with disinfecting solution and wipe dry. Take care not to mist the area where the cord enters the perch.

The Thermo-Perch is not intended to be the only perch in a cage. Your bird will choose when it needs warmth, and there should always be at least one other non-heated perch to use.


  • SKU 1027600
  • Weight 0.980 KG
  • Packaging Height 15.200 CM
  • Packaging Width 15.200 CM
  • Packaging Length 45.700 CM
  • Manufacturing Country China

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