Spacious Betta Home - White - 6.7 L


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Easy to setup and maintain, the Marina Spacious Betta Home provides a simple, fun and safe fish-keeping experience - perfect for beginners. Once assembled and populated, it provides a great home for your fish and makes a trendy and attractive addition to home, school or office settings.  It comes with 2 reversible wallpapers , so it gives you 4 decors possibilities.This aquarium contains up to 6.7L. It's the perfect habitat for your betta fish!

Size:  33 cm L x 27 cm H x  20 cm D (13 in x 10.5 in x 7.8 in)

Note: To ensure the water condition is safe for the fish, it is important to make frequent partial water changes and to use a water conditioner.

As for temperature, which greatly influences the health of bettas, we offer a pre-set submersible heater designed specifically for small aquariums.

We also recommend that you purchase a submersible thermometer such as the magnetic thermometer or the standing thermometer.


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  • SKU 1024900
  • Weight 1.000 KG
  • Packaging Height 35.500 CM
  • Packaging Width 30.200 CM
  • Packaging Length 21.200 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Malaisie

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