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The Exo Terra dripper plant is a realistic plant that was designed to meet the watering needs of tree dwelling reptiles and amphibians like chameleons.

Arboreal reptiles generally do not recognize motionless sources of drinking water; instead they drink from moving dewdrops and raindrops while foraging in the forest canopy.

The Exo Terra dripper plant supplies a continual supply of cascading water droplets, attracting even the most reluctant reptile to drink. Regular access to a recognizable source of drinking water stimulates natural drinking behaviour, helps prevent illnesses related to dehydration and will improve your animal's overall health.


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  • SKU 1026770
  • Weight 0.590 KG
  • Packaging Height 13.200 CM
  • Packaging Width 39.900 CM
  • Packaging Length 10.200 CM
  • Manufacturing Country China