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The Halti head collar control prevents the dog from pulling, is easy to adjust and use and shows immediate results. Its unique design allows the user to slowly direct the head and thus control the direction of movement of the dog, making the training easier. The Halti has become the favorite halter around the world because it combines efficiency with maximum steering comfort.

This product is available in 5 sizes to suit your dog; extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Please consult the "guide and resources" section to make sure you make the right size choice for your pet.

For your pet’s health and well-being, read our guide on how to use anti-barking and collar fences systems properly!

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The Halti has been acclaimed worldwide as the most effective design of headcollar which naturally follows the contours of a dog's face.  It is positioned well down the dog's nose giving maximum steerage and control for basic training and all other activities with your dog:  from the quiet walk to leading an unruly or potentially dangerous dog past animals or people.  The particular advantage of the Halti over other designs of headcollar is that it has a unique on-off muzzle closing effect:  when the dog attemps to lunge forward or attack, his jaws are closed by the slip ring under his chin.  When he is relaxed and friendly, he can re-open his mouth.  At all times that the dog is behaving well he can pant easily, loll his tongue and act just like a dog.  Fitting the Halti:  Hold your Halti by the noseband.  Halti assumes the shape of your dog's head, with the two rings under his chin.  The collar section is adjustable using the slide.  When the buckle is securely closed it should accurately fit your dogs neck.  A two-finger slackness is the best guide.  Having fitted the Halti, see where the noseband naturally sits.  It should be down the nose and away from the eyes.  When you release pressure on the chin strap, make sure your dog can fully open his mouth without restriction. Please refer to the training guide to discover training and safety tips.

Size#Dimensions of   neckExamples of   breeds
X. Small030 - 38 cmBichon Frise,   Yorkshire Terrier
Small132 - 41 cmWest Highland,   Sheltie
Medium236 - 47 cmAustralian Cattle   Dog, Vizsla
Large340 - 53 cmRottweiler, Bernese   Mountain Dog
X. Large445 - 62 cmMastiff, Great Dane


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X. Small

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