Mondou Breeders' Club

Mondou Breeders' Club

Mondou Breeders' Club


As a Mondou client, you are benefiting from many advantages to ease managing your breeding operations: online orders, delivery directly at home, over 60 Mondou stores throughout Quebec to serve you and a wide range of high-quality pet food and accessories at a nice price.

 As a member of theMondou Breeders Club, you obtain even more benefits: 100$ in Cuddle points rewards upon activation of your membership card, A rebate equal to at least 15%*

of the retail price of your purchases and Mondou adoption booklets full of benefits and important information to give to your pet adopters.

*Except selected brands. Please refer to the Mondou Breeders Club Presentation for more information.

As a Mondou Breeders Club member, you benefit from all of our promotions in addition to the exclusive promotions offered to Mondou Breeders Club members, except the following:

  1. Double the points Cuddle Club reward: The members of Mondou Breeders Club are not eligible to double the Cuddle points reward on Vetdiet and O’select brands. This promotion is offered exclusively to regular members of the Mondou Cuddle Club reward program, and is less advantageous for members of Mondou Breeders Club.
  2. Bonus Cuddle Points : During promotional offers, Mondou may offer bonified Cuddle points rewards for selected products. Mondou will determine which offer (Club’s advantages or Mondou Cuddle Club reward program) is more advantageous for the Member and the Member will benefit from the best offer.

    It’s free! You can benefit from the Mondou Breeders Club exclusives advantages totally free of charge.

    It’s easy! Complete the online Club membership application form and be available to receive a mutually agreed friendly visit from a Mondou representative in order to assess the eligibility criteria of Mondou Breeders Club. Upon confirmation of compliance with eligibility criteria, sign the Commitment to the Mondou Breeders Club and return it to Mondou. You will then receive your Mondou Breeders Club membership card along with the adoption booklets for your adopting families.

    After having completed the online Club membership application form, a Mondou representative will contact you to schedule a friendly visit of your breeding facilities in order to assess the eligibility criteria of the Mondou Breeders Club.

    The eligibility criteria of the Mondou Breeders Club are established to encourage sound and healthy breading practices. The eligibility criteria are inspired from the requirements established by the Association Nationale d'Intervention pour le Mieux-être des Animaux (ANIMA-Québec) to obtain a certification of breeding facilities.

    The Commitment to the Mondou Breeders Club is a short list of requirements that every breeder-member should comply with in order to maintain her/his membership and all related benefits.

    In order to fully benefit from the advice and rebates offered by the Mondou adoption booklet, the best timing to provide an adopting family with the Mondou adoption booklet is upon reservation of a new pet with you.

    Additional copies of the Mondou adoption booklet are available to order by email at, should additional copies be required.

    You can accumulate Cuddle points on your Mondou Breeders Club card by presenting it to the cashier before you complete a transaction. A minimum of 7.5 Cuddle points will be deposited into your account for every dollar spent (considering the total net amount, meaning the purchase price less the rebate before taxes).

    You can also accumulate Cuddle points when you purchase items online. Make sure to register first in your online account linked to your Mondou Breeders Club card before making any purchases.

    Cuddle points are accepted as a method of payment equivalent to cash in all Mondou stores as well as at Mondou’s online boutique. However, you don’t have to concern yourself with the process because Cuddle points are converted automatically. You simply choose when you want to use them!

    Read the “Mondou Breeders Club’s Terms and Conditions” to learn more about the conditions of the Mondou Breeders Club, as well as the exchange value of Cuddle points on your account.

    The Mondou Breeders Club card is accepted in all Mondou stores as well as at Mondou’s online boutique.

    All Cuddle points appear on the receipt for every sale. You can also consult your balance online and in your shopping cart on

    Points are valid as long as the account remains active.

    In cases of reasonable doubt, Mondou may forfeit accumulated Cuddle points, as well as withdraw or cancel the Mondou Breeders Club card of any member who has submitted false information, abused of his or her privileges or has refused to comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the Club.

    Almost all items sold at Mondou can get you Cuddle points!

    Some restrictions apply. No Mondou Cuddle points are given for the following products and services: gift cards, prepaid card products, donations, medals and special orders.

    Unfortunately, no. When making a purchase in-store, you must always present your card to the cashier before the transaction is completed. You can present your card either physically or electronically via a mobile loyalty card management application.

    For online purchases, you will not be able to collect Cuddle points for prior purchases made without presenting the Mondou Breeders Club card. It is thus highly important that you are properly connected to your Mondou Breeders Club online account when ordering online.

    Mondou will subtract from the member’s Mondou Breeders Club account any Cuddle points associated with the purchase of a product, or any associated promotional offer, upon return of this same product by the member.

    You must inform us immediately by sending an email to You will have to provide the number of the lost or stolen Mondou Breeders Club card (if you have it), as well as your full contact information (name, address, telephone number), in order to obtain a new Mondou Breeders Club card via mail. The Cuddle points accumulated on the lost or stolen card will be transferred to your new card once it is sent out, and the old card will be automatically cancelled.

    Unfortunately, no. The benefits of the Mondou Breeders Club are reserved exclusively for breeders who have earned this preferred status. Purchases can only be done by the member of the Mondou Breeders Club.

    Unfortunately, no. Cuddle points rewards cannot be cashed, sold or transferred to another member of the Mondou Cuddle Club Rewards Program or to another member of the Mondou Breeders Club.

    You must access your account to change any of your personal information.

    We assure you your personal information will never be shared with an entity outside of Mondou, for the purposes of marketing or solicitation. Furthermore, we comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

    You must send your request to Please be sure to enter your full contact details as well as your member card number and we will proceed to cancel your Mondou Breeders Club card. Please note that your cancellation, requested via this email address, will be applied for the Mondou Breeders Club and not for any other membership you may have made at (for example: subscription to the newsletter).

    It would be a pleasure to respond to your questions. You can contact us by email at