Mineral Block For Parakeets - Small


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Living World Mineral Block is a complementary pet food for all birds. Mineral Block contains minerals that birds find in their natural surroundings. It provides a source of extra calcium and minerals required for healthy egg formation and feeding parents. It supplements calcium for strong bones and feather formation while making available a number of other minerals often deficient in seeded diets. It also keeps beaks trim and sharp. For parakeets, size : small.


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Placer le bloc minéral dans la cage de votre oiseau pour qu'il y accède librement. Ajouter à sa nourriture ordinaire. Une grande quantité d’eau fraîche doit toujours être mise à la disposition de l’oiseau.


  • SKU 1024879
  • Weight 0.500 KG
  • Packaging Height 9.800 CM
  • Packaging Width 16.500 CM
  • Packaging Length 1.800 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Taiwan

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