Le Salon Essentials Dog Shedding Comb


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"Le Salon Essentials" Grooming Products offer a full range of grooming tools and accessories.  Choose from a wide assortment of  brushes, combs and grooming accessories in a variety of styles and sizes.  Regular grooming is recommended for every pet to ensure a healthy and trouble-free coat.

"Le Salon Essentials" red Dog Shedding Comb is an excellent tool for breaking up and removing mats. Recommended for long-haired, double-coated dog's breeds.It is used to counter heavy hair loss.

It's the product you need to properly care for your pet's coat for a neat look.


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Genty work the teeth of the comb into the undercoat, parallel to the skin, to lift out shedding hair and mats.


  • SKU 1018666
  • Weight 0.062 KG
  • Packaging Height 9.500 CM
  • Packaging Width 1.700 CM
  • Packaging Length 26.500 CM
  • Manufacturing Country China

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