Healthy pet food station medium


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With this dispenser your pet will receive fresh food at all times, when it needs it, in a stainless steel bowl. A flow-control valve fills the bowl when your pet is eating, ensuring that you always have fresh food. The tank is made of durable plastic and does not contain bisphenol A. In addition, it locks in place to prevent the device from tipping over. You won't have to worry about finding an empty bowl when you get home. Thanks to this food device, your pet will never be hungry again when you come home! This product is available in 2 sizes to better meet your pet's specific needs; small (contains 1kg of food) and medium (contains 1.8kg of food).


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Small: Capacity of 1 kg (Dimensions: 16,5 x 24,9 x 26,7 cm)

Medium: Capacity of 1,8 kg (Dimensions: 19,6 x 29,7 x 35 cm)


  • SKU 1023139
  • Weight 0.450 KG
  • Packaging Height 16.510 CM
  • Packaging Width 26.720 CM
  • Packaging Length 24.970 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Canada

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