Design Plus Soiled Litter Disposal System


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The LitterLocker Design Plus pail, unique in the market, effectively locks in odours and bacteria thanks to its Air-Seal technology. Its multi-layer, barrier bags guarantee you a clean, odourless environment. And its new square refill makes scooping easier. Includes 1 free Refill, 1 scoop and scoop holder.

LitterLocker allows you to personalize your container! Get one or more of our decorative sleeves, give your creativity free rein, and match your LitterLocker Design Plus pail to your decor


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Simply pick up the soiled litter and dispose of it in the LitterLocker Design Plus bin to effectively trap unpleasant litter odours. The refills are made of a multi-layer plastic film using Air-Seal technology and ensuring complete sealing against odours and bacteria.


  • SKU 1033070
  • Weight 1.420 KG
  • Packaging Height 23.700 CM
  • Packaging Width 43.260 CM
  • Packaging Length 24.300 CM
  • Manufacturing Country Canada