Câlin Program

You can reduce your balance using your points upon your next purchase. What’s more, you can benefit from members-only promotional offers, allowing you to increase your Câlin points.

It’s free! You can collect Câlin points totally free of charge.

Firstly, you must get a Mondou Câlin card from a Mondou store. Then, you can enroll in the Mondou Câlin Rewards Program by completing the membership form online. You can also create an account with a temporary virtual card when you make your first purchase online.

You can accumulate points on your Mondou Câlin card by presenting it to a clerk before you complete the transaction, upon your next purchase. One point will be deposited into your account for every dollar spent (considering the total net amount, meaning the purchase price less the rebate before taxes, indicated on your purchase receipt). You can also accumulate Câlin points when you purchase items online. Make sure to register first and simply adding the number on your Mondou Câlin card in the designated spot when submitting your order, or by making purchases from the account linked to your Mondou Câlin card. Unfortunately, no point can be given after the transaction has been completed.

The Mondou Câlin card is accepted in all Mondou stores as well as at Mondou’s online boutique.
You sure can! Make sure to register first and enter the number of your Mondou Câlin card in the designated spot when making your purchase.

Points can be exchanged for rewards that are equivalent to a purchase rebate. Read the terms and conditions to learn the conditions of the Mondou Câlin Rewards Program, as well as the number of points required for the value of the rebates submitted.

However, you don’t have to concern yourself with the process at all, because the points are converted automatically. You simply choose when you want to use them.

All Câlin points appear on the receipt for every sale. You can also consult your balance online and in your shopping cart on the purchase site.

Points are valid as long as the account remains active.

Some restrictions apply. No Mondou Câlin Rewards Program points are given for the following products and services: gift cards, prepaid card products, donations, medals and special orders.

Unfortunately, no. When making a purchase in-store, you must always present your card to the cashier before the transaction is completed. Unfortunately, you will not be able to collect points if you do not have your card when making a purchase. The computer system, developed specifically for the Mondou Câlin Rewards Program, does not allow points to be awarded for prior purchases made without presenting the Mondou Câlin card.

Even for online purchases, you will not be able to collect points for prior purchases made without presenting the Mondou Câlin card. It is thus highly important that you properly enter your card number when ordering.

You sure can! Câlin points are accepted as a method of payment equivalent to cash in all Mondou stores.

Mondou reserves the right to subtract Mondou Câlin Rewards Program points associated with the purchase of a product, or any associated promotional offer, upon return of this same product by a member.

You must inform us by sending an email to mondoucalin@mondou.com. You will have to provide the number of the lost or stolen Mondou Câlin card (if you have it), as well as your full contact information (name, address, telephone number), in order to obtain a new Mondou Câlin card via mail. The points accumulated on the lost or stolen card will be transferred to your new card once it is sent out, and the old card will be automatically cancelled.

Unfortunately, no. No member’s Mondou Câlin Rewards Points points or rewards can be transferred, cashed or sold.

You must access your account to change your personal information.

We assure you your personal information will never be shared with an entity outside of Mondou, for the purposes of marketing or solicitation. Furthermore, we comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. For more information, consult our Privacy Policy.

You must send your request to mondoucalin@mondou.com. Please be sure to enter your full contact details as well as your member card number and we will proceed to cancel your Mondou Câlin card. Please note that your cancellation, requested via this email address, will be applied for the Mondou Câlin Rewards Program and not for any other membership you may have made at www.mondou.com (for example: subscribe to newsletter).