Published on December 8, 2016

Your Puppy’s Must-Have Items

Are you the type that buys everything for your dog, or do you like to stick to the essentials? Is your little partner’s basket missing a few items? Are you having trouble finding what to buy? Worry no more: I’m here to help! These essential items are always within paw’s reach of my two pups!

To buy or not to buy: The trusty ol’ cage

The cage we’re thinking of isn’t the most appealing, but you’ve got plenty to choose from. Whether plastic, metal or fabric, your cage will always be a handy tool if used properly. Cages are crucial for your dog’s protection: they guard against more aggressive dogs, and they instill a sense of calm in more energetic breeds.

Winter clothing

Even for thick-coated dogs, Quebec winters are mean, and minimal protection is essential. Boots are perfect for protecting against the cold and avoid slips. Vests can protect your dog from the cold and also prevent salt from building up on them. While you’re at it, grab some colorful clothes so pups will be more visible at night. But avoid cumbersome digs that can impede movement and vision.

Your dogs’ naps

Trying to find the right cushion for your dog can quickly become a headache. Nonetheless, it is essential that your dog have a place to hide and catch some shut-eye. Remember that texture, shape and size will determine whether your dog takes to the cushion or not. It’s like we are with our mattresses: better to test them first!

Eat with your head

Want two surefire ways to keep your pup nourished and entertained during the holidays and when you’re out of the house? Brain games and feeding toys! The options are unlimited! By eating more slowly, your dog will become satiated in less time, and digestion will be smoother.

Front harnesses keep your dog safe!

Front harnesses can be attached to your dog’s leash or chest instead of the back, as is the case with most harnesses. Front harnesses can be more easily managed on your animal’s body. The leash will keep the shoulders in place and prevent traction. What’s more, you can direct them to the left and to the right more easily. These harnesses are thus ideally suited to more sensitive dogs, because they are more aware of what is causing the leash to move. They’re also perfect for more playful dogs that have a tendency to jump!

Toys are fun, but a stimulating toy is a blast!

There are a lot of toys out there, and they are all different in their own way. The key to not ending up with too many unused toys? Variety. Toys are supposed to stimulate your dog’s natural instincts via its texture and scent and the sounds it makes.

Basket muzzles: pain-free prevention

Not all dogs are keen on wearing muzzles, but training your dog to be comfortable with them is the most effective method of prevention. You never know when a visit to the vet might turn out to be unpleasant experience. They may find treatment uncomfortable, and then react accordingly.

Consider the above for your puppy’s Christmas wish list. Now that you know what they really want, have some fun!

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