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Mondou offers domestic bird care procuts with a wide selection of some of the best products available now online. To keep you and your bird happy, we carry multiple options.


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Eggfood for canaries, 250g
Aniseed marine gravel for bird, 2kg
Clay-Cal Bentonite clay supplement for birds
Pre & probiotics for birds and chicks
Hand-rearing syringe for small birds, pack of 6
Hand-rearing syringe for mdium birds, pack of 4
Hand-rearing syringe for large birds
Bath salts for glossy plumage, 300g
Feather conditioner, 500ml
Bird grit with small corals, 2.5kg
Seed and Water Feeder - 2 pack
Bird Vitamin Supplement, 20g
Prime Vitamin Supplement - 320 g
Mineral Block For Parakeets - Small
Bird Dessert Grain Mix
Gold Patee Canaries Red