Company Profile

For pet lovers everywhere

Welcome to Mondou!

Founded in 1938 by Joseph Émilien Mondou, MONDOU is a Canadian leader in the distribution of products, services and accessories for the health and well-being of pets of all kinds. The company currently has more than 60 stores throughout Quebec, as well as a major distribution centre.

Quality products and invaluable advice for your furry or feathered friend!

For more than 75 years, we’ve acquired a great deal of know-how on caring for animals.

At Mondou, dogs, cats and small pets will find everything they’ve ever dreamed of, including:

-         A full range of well balanced, nourishing foods and a wide selection of safe accessories designed just for them.

-         Competitive prices and the Cuddle points program that lets you earn big rewards to benefit your pets.

-         Free services at many Mondou stores, such as a doggy wash station, pet scale, claw clipping and carry-out service.

-         A transactional website where you can shop for your pet in the comfort of your home!

Our Mission

Share our expertise and our passion for animals.